Turbocharge your development team

Our team of expert developers will join your team full-time and help you achieve your goals and meet your deadlines.

Team extension as a Service

Our team extension model provides with experienced developers and designers to companies and startups that want to cover a particular skill or want extra help to improve their product. Our developers will integrate with your team, using your tools and following your processes. You won't notice where your team ends and ours begins.

Our Team extension model explained

The best team for the job

Given your requirements, we will assemble the best team for you.

Scale as you go

Need more developers as you grow?. No problem! We got you covered.

Your success is our goal

A Customer Success Manager working on maximizing the impact we will have in your business

Now you know your secret weapon

Hire Hash Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's your billing model?

    We bill on a monthly basis.

  • Where are your developers based?

    Our developers are in Mexico and South America. For US clients, we will work at the same as your team. If you are not in the US, our team is trained to work in an async way, so we are still able to help you.

  • What's the shortest commitment period?

    Three months. In our experience, three months is a good time for developers to adapt to your team and show its full potential.

  • I don't have a team yet, can we work together?

    Absolutely!. We have worked with startups being their first engineering team. Once you start hiring, we will train and mentor your hires until they can lead the development of your product.