help startups to launch.

do team augmentation.

prototype MVPs.

help to develop internal tooling.

craft gluten-free code.

build awesome products.

We help startups to launch.

We help startups to launch.


Who we are

Hash Labs is a software development agency with an skilled team that can take a product from 0 to launch. We can also work as part of your team, in case you need to cover certain skill while you hire the right person.

The tools that we use are Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React, Golang and Docker, but we can pickup skills quickly.

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Our clients

We work with our clients hand by hand to get their project moving forward. We have helped them by building their marketing website, the V1 of their product and internal tooling

"Hash Labs takes the time necessary to make sure their work is understood, documented and clearly communicated across all necessary channels. It was a pleasure to work with them."

Matt Ross ● Project Manager at Funding Circle

david feller

Our Services

Team Augmentation
Team Augmentation
Team Augmentation

Our engineers have experience across the full development stack. We will work as part of your team to help you meet your goals.

Build your Web app
Build your Web app
Build your Web app

Our iterative process allow us to continuously deliver features every sprint, while working with you prioritizing and refining how the application should work.

Build your Mobile app
Build your Mobile app
Build your Mobile app

Using React Native, we build cross-plataform applications for Android and iOS. This while maintaining great application performance and development speed.

Ready to create something awesome?

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We're Hash Labs

Hash Labs

We're a highly skilled team ready to take on big challenges.
Let's change the world together!