Some of our latest projects


PleIQ is a new kind of educational toys that use Augmented Reality to stimulate multiple intelligences in preschoolers.

We created a set of applications that allowed them to gather and process data from their mobile game and translate those to metrics and dashboard that parents and schools can use to know better how their children learning is improving across time.

Technologies we used

  • React React
  • Rails Rails
  • JS JS


Is an innovative approach to financial inclusion. Our award-winning mobile app puts the power of self-employment in the hands of anyone in Indonesia with an Android phone.

We developed their MVP that allows people to sell Pulsa (Airtime) and start a small business. With Go and RabbitMQ we created a real-time architecture that has low latency even when connecting to external services.

Technologies we used

  • go go
  • react-native react-native
  • rabbitmq rabbitmq
  • rails rails
  • aws aws